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Hit The Road Deval Patrick

January 8th, 2015

“Thank God and Greyhound you’re gone….” Don’t let the door hit you….   Your singular accomplishment was to spend 8 years making Mike Dukakis look better and better with each passing day!

Deval Patrick judicial appointee slow-walks murder trial of illegal Ecuadorian immigrant accused of vehicular homicide.  Judge Janet Kinton-Walker [appointed August 2010] has a history of letting criminals off easy [a child rapist with 3 years probation]. Now she declares murderer Nicholas Guaman ‘mentally incompetent‘ to stand trial – because he speaks Spanish…? WTF?!?

Does Governor Patrick STILL think ‘profiling’ is the issue? Two brothers from Equator – both here ILLEGALLY. Both with PRIOR ARRESTS – NOT reported to ICE. Older brother Nicholas driving drunk and without a license – runs over, drags, and kills Matt Denice – just WEEKS after Governor Patrick stood in Milford and said Secure […]

On this sad night we returned to Draper Park in Milford. We’d come there on July 12th to urge Deval Patrick to enforce Secure Communities and help deport dangerous illegals before somebody else was killed. Now we came to express our grief for Matt’s horrible dragging death, and to share our anger at the governor […]