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I’ve been a fan of Newt and his plain-spoken wisdom since the 1970s,  – when I lived in Georgia.  He always chooses his words carefully – and always sees the big picture. Suggest you share this with your millennial relatives and friends,  – many of whom are now hypnotized with “Impeachment Fever” because they’ve been […]

The Left is so terribly desperate and deranged,  they’re ready to impeach Trump for the ‘crime’ of not believing 3 proven liars… As usual, Newt adds common sense and perspective…

Appalling Level Of FBI Corruption

December 10th, 2017

The wisdom, insight, and calm voice of Newt Gingrich – always worth a listen! Have your kids and grand-kids pay attention.   What’s taking place is a titanic struggle between Absolute POWER – and the Rule of Law.

This story has yet to make the Propaganda Ministry,  – but it will someday be known as the greatest TREASON and the biggest SELLOUT of America,  – by a sitting president and his anti-America cartel. Take 5 minutes – listen, and tuck the basics away in your memory.  Then remember Hillary in 2009 giving Russian […]

Newt Gingrich Warns Of Sabotage

November 10th, 2016

“Honeyed words of subversion” to undermine the entire Trump movement…. As always,  Newt understanding the past,  sees into the future,  and warns us about the subtle ploys that Democrats and old-guard RiNOs will use to try to neutralize President Trump. 10-minutes well worth your time today!

I’ve been a fan of Newt since I lived in Georgia (before my terrible blunder of moving north).  There are damn few men who think as fast on their feet,  – or have his command of the facts and the English Language. So when Trump-hating / Hillary supporter Megyn Kelly was carelessly flinging inflammatory words […]

20 minutes with the smartest and best-informed guy in the room! Almost all of this will go right over the heads of Hillary and Bernie people,  – they don’t even understand where these places are or who the players are…. Democrats are ignorant  – thanks to 40+ years of Union School Teachers! Since Newt isn’t […]

Great idea Sean!    He knows the job,  – he’s done the job, – he’s an economist and a historian, – and he believes in our Constitution! And,…it would drive the DemoCraps deeper into insanity!

We must stop being the ‘Opposition Movement’, and become The Alternative Movement,  – or we will give Democrats a 3rd Successive Term… For my money,  Newt is the most far-thinking and most strategic thinking of all the so-called ‘leading Republican contenders’.   Liberal women hate him,  which may be another factor in his favor.  Watch the […]

Newt’s Clear Message

March 3rd, 2012

For Massachusetts – our choice comes this Tuesday! You must be registered to vote as either Republican or ‘No Party‘ [often called ‘unenrolled‘]. If you’re actually registered as an Independent – that is a tiny political party in Massachusetts – and you won’t get a Republican ballot on Tuesday.