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The RATS are turning cannibal – they’re going to start eating each other to stay alive. This will be fun to watch.  Who will seek immunity?  Who will go to prison?  Who gets a book & movie deal?

Carlos Slim Bails On The NY Times

December 19th, 2017

Managed to sell the Globe to John Henry – now he’s sliding out the back door.

Can you ~ begin ~ to imagine how the Times felt reporting this story – about themselves…?   Delicious! White House staff blocked the NY Times, CNN, Politico, the LA Times, and several foreign outlets.  The AP and Time declined to attend “in solidarity”.

Layoffs Begin Today: New York Times laying off 100+ ‘reporters’ and newsroom staff.    Merry Christmas! This would seem terribly unfair, even heartless – on the surface.   But these are the very people who should have vetted Obama back in 2007 – 2008. And since he was elected and took office – they’ve buried any story about […]

NY Times: 100 Newsroom Layoffs

October 1st, 2014

Once a proud world-renown newspaper – almost always the first to break major stories, – until they became obsessed with their own power to influence events and government,…and conspicuously took the liberal-progressive side. Now the Internet, including news and commentary blogs like RRB, – are killing them off. Their readership is drying up, advertising dollars […]

For their entire lives the liberal crew of the Boston Globe have been PAID to be Liberal. Now the NY Times – itself bankrupt – is fixing to sell this money-losing swampland to – whoever wants it.  Rupert Murdock might want it.  So might al Jazeera – who just paid mega-millions for Al Gore’s Current […]