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The citizens of New York City can ONLY blame themselves,  – because they thought it would be ‘cute’ or maybe ‘trendy’ to have a communist mayor,  – and a thug for a governor. A army of foreigners didn’t do this;  – this was the work of their very own 3rd,  4th,  and 5th generation welfare […]

As this Very Tall Commie Turd was sworn in New Year’s Day 2014,  he began bad-mouthing the NYPD, – telling the crowd how he worried that his Black son might be profiled and mistreated. Now 6½ years later,  it’s not the Police he needs to worry about,  – it’s the never-ending surge of Black-on-Black murders….  […]

Because in a port city of 8,400,000 – there was NOBODY ELSE qualified? Ms. Emma Wolfe – pictured above in the grey Hillary man-suit has been a long-time and loyal aide to Bill de Blasio. And Emma has a long-time ‘partner’ – Stephanie Yazgi.

Another 3 AM phone call left ringing and unanswered. PresZerO campaigns across the nation – while folks trapped in NY City are in endless gas lines and dumpster diving for food. And this is how he treats Democrats!! BTW, Obama’s Dept of Homeland Security and FEMA had a full week to plan before this storm […]