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UPDATE: Sat am 4 Sept 2021 He came – it was a cluster-fuck! VIDEO:

DemoCRAPS love these attitudes,  – but if fact they do nothing to improve racial harmony. Kaine is really pandering for Black votes,  – and fueling the fires of Black racists.   Who wrote this speech…?

Even before Hurricane Katrina – New Orleans was slowly becoming another Democrat-run basket case. The city owes their firefighters $75 Million in back pay – PLUS $76 Million in interest. Judge Kern Reese is fed up! He has ordered Mayor Mitch Landrieu to start paying up – or face house arrest for the remaining 2 […]

It ~ almost ~ didn’t make the news; – a 63-year old Black cab driver shot by a sheriff’s deputy while attacking people with a machete and wasp spray – Friday night at the New Orleans airport. The officer – Lt Heather Sylve – needs a bigger pistol.  She hit White in the face,  the […]

Was Isaac ever going to be a hurricane – anywhere near Tampa?  Did Obama’s National Weather Service overstate the danger and bluff the RNC into delaying their opening? I keep thinking of Rahm Emanuel’s words:  ‘Never let a crisis go to waste!‘