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A Christmas Miracle in New Mexico?   Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has just put a screeching halt to the pipe dream of “Free College for Everybody”. From the very beginnings of politics,  charlatans have always attempted “Bread and Circus”,  – the buying of votes from the non-productive inhabitants using the moneys taxed from their productive […]

The President came to Rio Rancho – a suburb of Albuquerque, – to reassure Patriots in this Democrat riddled state that they are really part of the majority. We suspect that their MoonBat governor Grisham stayed home – sulking.  VIDEO: 

New Mexico shares 180 miles of almost totally unguarded boarder with Mexico – a virtual smuggler’s interstate.  Some Patriots have taken action to stop the traffic. Governor Grisham has a choice:  place state law enforcement people on the border to stop the Patriots,  – or to stop the flow of illegals.  She needs to pick […]

“…send her back to wherever she came from…” Alan Webber wants to be the next governor of New Mexico. Now he’ll spend months explaining his freudian slip of the tongue…[clip below the fold] Governor Susana Martinez is EXACTLY the kind of Republican that Democrats HATE! She is a woman, a Hispanic, and she used to […]

A tough but polite Lady was sworn in as the new Governor of New Mexico at midnight.  Bill Richardson can go write another book, or pound sand.  Susana Martinez, a Republican from Las Cruses takes the helm.  She overcame a brutally ugly smear campaign mounted by the Democratic Governors Association.   They tried to link […]