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When a liberal author writes a book about Hillary – with a cover like THIS,  – you have to wonder,…does he have a death wish…? Needless to say,  the Hillaryphiles are steamed – just at the cover.

“…the worst president we’ve ever had…” Liz takes a swipe at Hillary’s email problem too.  Audio tape from the Tuesday show below the fold:

Those mean misogynist Democrat men touched her and talked about her…body! What to do, – report them? To Whom? The Senate Police? NO! BE THE VICTIM!  Write a book!

NOW?  At least four years too late Bob?   You’re finally opening your mouth, er – writing a book [for profit] about the corrupt and incompetent masters you willingly aided and abetted? Robert Michael Gates – former DirCIA, former SecDEF, – a man with years of faithful service to Reagan, Bush, Bush, and lastly Obama – […]

And he’s a snarky smart-ass elitist SOB too! There are basically two kind of people who want gun control and eventual gun confiscation: Those who are gun-phobic. They fear the very sight of a gun, even the word ‘gun’, And those who fear armed and angry citizens standing their ground – as on the Lexington Green […]

Our Undocumented pResident has just released his latest work – an illustrated children’s book ‘written to his daughters’.  Proceeds to go to scholarships for the kids of killed and wounded soldiers.  You’re supposed to go “Ooh,  coo,  how touching!” Maybe I’m just a grouchy skeptical curmudgeon, but I’m barfing, angry, and outraged.