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Here Come The Ghosts Of 2014

December 2nd, 2017

If only Tall Deval had been even a fair Republican….if only he’d stuck up for our 2nd Amendment – and against illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities….

Damn!   No wonder he’s trying to rig the Convention with ‘Super-Delegates’ – he might not get enough signatures to get on the ballot…

These smug all-knowing visionaries….. …can they ever eat their pride,…and their words…?

Maybe he thought he could genuflect, – and all would be forgiven. Maybe he thought he is still an ‘important Republican‘… Maybe he believed the rumors….that he was under consideration for SecState – i.e. the #3 position in the Trump Administration…  His body language upon leaving told how crushing an hour of reality can be…..

1976: Carter vs Ford   Carter won with just 50.1% of the popular vote – 297 : 240 Electoral votes Carter ran with a false résumé – claiming to have skippered a nuclear submarine;  – when in fact he’d just been a project officer dismissed by Admiral Rickover as incompetent. But the media never investigated!

The hairy hordes are at our gates,  and these smug self-righteous know-it-all pusillanimous political pimps are helping Soros,  Obama, and Hillary swing them wide open to invading Muslims and Mexicans. Their ‘reasoning’?   Somehow,  after 16 other heroes were vanquished,  Trump ‘isn’t Republican enough’ or ‘Constitutionalist enough’ – or ‘presidential enough’….

You thought they hate Trump because of his personality,  – his bigger-than-life style,  – his personal branding? Nah!   What they hate is his non-conforming anti-globalist vision of America First! Ohio’s nerdy governor John Kasich is a perfect example.  He’s at a much different ‘Republican Convention’ in Cleveland this week.

This woman – a lawyer? – who was Chairwoman of the MassGOP for too many years – demonstrates precisely why Republicans number just 11% in this once-important state. Snarly B-I-T-C-H says she’ll stay home on election day… Caution Folks,  – some of her comments are really sickening!