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I remember fondly the teachers from my youth,  – men who had fought across North Africa,  up Sicily and Italy,  and into Nazi France – all the way to the Elbe.  Others has served in the Pacific, – landed on dozens of beaches,  sailed thousands of ships – and ended up walking the bombed-out streets […]

You sub-contracted personnel data work – – to the CHINESE?   You frikkin’ handed them the very codes they’ve got 10,000 computer soldiers working 24×7 to hack? Exactly WHAT are your professional qualifications?   Oh…you’re a diversity appointment, – – a Hispanic?   I see….  So exactly how many government employees records did the Chinese get?

Retiring NEA general counsel Robert Chanin opens up a little.  Listen as he admits it’s ‘ not about the children’ . . . it’s ‘about the power‘ – the power of ‘hundreds of millions of dollars‘! Next time your local teacher’s union is ranting for a pay raise and more days off, remember what they’re […]