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How outrageous was it – over how long – for a sleazebag network like NBC to finally act?

Damn,  do you think NBC has seen Hillary’s Death Certificate?   They’re suddenly joining Senator Gillibrand in flinging her under the bus! There are TWO (2) key stories in this post:  (1). that Hillary and her State Department Posse covered up pedophilia,  and (2). the Media is turning on their ‘Beloved First Woman President‘!  Video below […]

You make $10,000,000.oo per year, your wife and daughter are successful and famous in their own right, your recent college grad son is struggling to find his niche, and yet you still need to make up war stories? What’s wrong with this picture?

NBC Slimeball Arrested For Porn

September 10th, 2014

Carlos Dellaverson – 30 [son of a big-wig NY City Democratic lawyer] filmed sex with his girlfriend – and posted the video to a porn site. Yes, Carlos works for NBC. Maybe Daddy and NBC are proud of his creativity? Wonder how the girlfriend’s daddy feels…?

We always knew he was a lying punk!  Obama – ‘the man who got bin Laden’ – failed to even pay attention throughout the 7-hour 9/11 massacre at Benghazi. Obama never even asked Panetta what was available to help! [This lends great credibility to the theories that this was an Obama WH directed staged kidnapping […]

Another Czar In The Henhouse!

January 21st, 2011

This should scare you.  General electric Chairman Jeffrey Immelt – who also runs the left-wing media outlet NBC [sale to Comcast approved just today by the FCC – hmmm],  will now sit on a presidential advisory board for “Jobs and Competitiveness”. ZerO and Immelt and the ever-watchful Valerie Jarrett

Can They Save Cable News?

September 24th, 2010

The Empires Strike Back With failing ratings and falling revenues, two once-powerful TV News networks – now both failing cable news channels fired their CEOs.  The ever-irritable Jeff Zucker is out at NBC.  He was largely held responsible for the screwups over the Jay Leno and Conant O’Brien shows. 

The NBC experiment failed.  The attempt to have Jay Leno restore leadership to their badly battered evening lineup – including their affiliated late news shows at 11:00 PM has bombed.  Local stations were planning to drop the show.  Advertising just wasn’t there.  What went wrong?