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NY Times Slimes Slow Joe Biden

January 20th, 2020

Our National Village Idiot never saw it coming;  – probably didn’t even get a courtesy interview. Hey Joe,  who will Bezos have the Washington Post endorse?

For a guy who’s had 11 years to plan this,  an outdoor rally – “attended by thousands”, seems a tad underwhelming…. There is a video,  but they were careful not to show the crowd.

Parts of the swamp are very slow to drain….

I’ve often said – the only reason Obama is still alive – is Joe Biden. For 7½ years Joe – our National Village Idiot, – has had just one (1) job;  – stay alive so that no would-be assassin would ever think of shooting Obama….

We at RRB hope we helped with this nation-saving decision! Kind’a makes you wonder what Lurch and the Squaw are thinking now…

Trump vs Biden: Clash Of Visions

September 16th, 2015

It is almost surreal – almost Shakespearean – the contrast of styles, accomplishments, abilities and words from these two men. Trump speaks of making America great again,  – of securing our border and our sovereignty,  of rebuilding our military and taking care of our veterans,  and making fair deals that are in our national interest. […]

With Hillary looking more-and-more like damaged goods,  – and maybe even facing federal criminal charges,  Democrats are scrambling for a back-up strategy… So they’re test-flying “Biden One-Term”.   Un-huh!  And WHO would be his VP?

Clinton’s scandals mount,  Bernie Sanders is sounding like a 1970s movie villain,  Warren looks like a grandma,  – and some Democrats are thinking that our National Village Idiot – Good ‘Ole Joe Biden can save them? That’s the eau de desperation tinged with sheer panic you’re smelling in the coffee shops!  These Dems are too […]

While you slept – our National Village Idiot was holding delicate meetings with the VP and President of Red China – trying to defuse a likely shooting war – over worthless rocks. Try to remember back to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver – where upstart Presidential contender Obama picked “Wise Old Joe Biden” […]

The Dump Biden Chorus Builds

December 21st, 2011

ANY Democrat still claiming that Obama is a genius needs to explain how and WHY he picked Biden, other than for life insurance.