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Jeff,  did the Enquirer get their hands on those pictures of your ‘little Democrat’ – the ones you sent Lauren,…that she shared with her girlfriends…? Bezos is suddenly trying to get out in front of a new phase of his cheating and divorce scandal,…and it’s sad to watch,  – except he’s such an arrogant asshole!

Known decades ago for making up trash stories,  – in recent years the National Enquirer has been out in front of the mainstream media,  – the Anthony Weiner sexting story being a case in point. Now they say they have a truckload of trash on Queen Hillary! From tomorrow’s story:  “She had come to the […]

Has the supermarket tabloid just done the heavy lifting for the “Mainstream Media”?  Those Family Values Utah voters are going to be very pissed if even part of this proves true…. Only Bill Clinton and John Kerry could survive headlines like these…