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Tell Megan Rapinoe and Colin Kapernick that Soccer and Football are great sports for clumsy kids who can’t see the puck or stay up on skates. 

We know you can multiply Antonio;  – 12 kids so far by 8 different baby-mommas;…and you owe $336,000 in back child support… So tell us Dumbass,  – how you gonna’ pay,  – when the Colts just let you go for disrespecting our Nation Anthem – in LONDON!

The War Inside America Has Begun

November 12th, 2012

In small ways – almost unnoticed – they have begun the war on America. The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League has told 200 high school teams to ‘skip‘ the National Anthem – because ice time is expensive. Do we let our kids play sports so they can someday get rich as professionals? Or are we trying […]