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The 60-year old gay rights lawyer set himself afire in NY City’s Prospect Park,  – to protest fossil fuels.  He used gasoline. With his dramatic and narcissistic final act,  Buckel proved decisively what many people instinctively feel about having gay people in sensitive positions….

Seventy-six months into his pResidency, and Obama is taking pains to tell the world that because of HIM, – we are once again “the most respected country on Earth!”   That he might even believe it himself is truly frightening! His statement [short video below the fold] is clear evidence that he is living in that […]

Obama In India: Me, Myself, & I

January 28th, 2015

Full-blown narcissist!  Refers to himself 118 times during a 33-minute speech – which was supposed to be about the relationship between India and the US. Listen at your own risk!    Below the fold:

Holds an hour-long press conference – to talk about himself.  Says HE will judge his performance in office… Seems oblivious….

Bill Whittle On President Coward

September 8th, 2014

I’ve yet to hear anybody say it clearer… After viewing this, anybody who votes to re-elect any Democrat in the House or Senate – all who have been providing cover for Obama’s Cartel, – is as much a traitor as is Obama!

The Obama White House released this staged photo-op of ZerO ‘in command’ during Storm Sandy. So where is the photo of him during the Benghazi Massacre? Note the very casual – almost indifferent – body posture of ZerO.  It tells you how much he really cares…

What Part Of Obama Failed?

September 18th, 2012

If ever in History a man stood in the Doorway of Greatness – it was Barack Hussein Obama Jr. on the morning of January 20th 2008. Before an adoring crowd of over 1,000,000 worshipful believers he stood as the fulfillment of 143 years of Black Dreams.  He embodied HOPE and CHANGE! But very soon we […]

He is unworthy to stand in Their Shadow! I knew and soldiered with many of the men on this wall. I cannot begin to tell you how my guts are churning as I post this image of the most narcissistic pretender ever elected to any office. The story is that the Secret Service cleared the […]

Is Obama Going Insane?

October 10th, 2011

I commend to your reading an excellent piece in the NY Post by Michael Goodwin: Aimless Obama walks alone.  Goodwin reports that Obama is increasingly isolated within the WH, and seems only happy when making ‘campaign appearances’  – where crowds of joyous moonbats are still able to energize him. I think the problem is much more […]