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Once again Obama doesn’t let a dead kid go to waste – tells the press that “Trayvon could’a been me…35 years ago”. Everything is ALWAYS – all about himself.   When are average Democrats going to awaken to this dangerous mentally unstable fraud? Video below the fold – if you have the stomach:

The Point Boehner Is Missing…

December 11th, 2012

The Speaker’s problem is that he still believes Obama is an ‘honorable man’. So he’s trying to reason with him, – trying to strike a ‘political bargain’. But that simply feeds Obama’s narcissism!

Obama Throws A Hissy-Fit!

July 14th, 2011

  Signature traits of a narcissist are constant demanding to have his own way,  then rage when he doesn’t get it. Wednesday during the budget talks Obama threw a hissy-fit – and stormed out. Now his remaining adoring worshipers have a new reality to deal with: – this most socialist of our 44 presidents has a snarly […]