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Russian troops on US Soil? Because…Napolitano doesn’t trust ours? Ever heard of the US-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group?  Didn’t make the news much here.  We went to the Russian news services.

We agree fully with Arizona Senate President Steve Pierce – Obama is acting like the worst spoiled child we ever saw. No sooner had the Supreme Court issued it’s ruling on SB1070 Monday morning – Obama had his Homeland Security Lesbian issue an order revoking cooperation of ICE under 287(g). Try to remember that Napolitano […]

WATCH: WH Press Briefing March 24th 2009 – Day 63 of the Obama pResidency. Watch at 1.32 of this video when David Ogden says Obama was in it from the very beginning. UPDATE: 10 AM Sunday June 24th:  Somehow the video is back on line…we urge you to watch and share with your friends before […]

Agents Jamie Zapata and Brian Terry – and about 40,000 dead Mexicans never got ‘Executive Privilege’ from the Obama Cartel.  So why should Holder, Brewer, Napolitano or their munchkins get it? This morning our undocumented foreign worker attempted to cover his cartel’s ass by invoking ‘Executive Privilege’ over phone calls, emails, and wiretaps run by […]

Omar and Obama: Their Legacy

December 18th, 2010

Have you forgotten Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab?  Did you ever learn to pronounce his name?  Some spell his first name Umar, if that helps. Last Christmas he gave you a present.  To celebrate his 23rd birthday and your Christmas season he would ignite an explosive device in his underpants, blowing Northwest Airlines 253 [Amsterdam to Detroit] into […]

Under Coast Guard orders – sixteen (16) oil vacuuming barges sat idle in port while the Coast Guard “checked for fire extinguishers and life vests”.  If the Coast Guard was under orders to EXPEDITE the cleanup – they would have ISSUED any missing life jackets and fire extinguishers – gratis.