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She’s either off her meds,  – or just plain drunk!  Of course she knows Biden is failing fast,  – that he’s a ginormous joke,  – soon to be sent to a padded suite and replaced by acting pResident Kneepads. And it seems she’s not to far away from her own breakdown.

This snide elitist bitch will turn Wolf into a Republican. The look on Blitzer’s face is priceless….  His blunder is thinking he can reason with a power-mad insane person…

The Botox Queen has seen the Future,  and she’s terrified!   She watched the gloomy hate-spewing DNC last week,  – and now three days into the RNC – she KNOWS the Biden-Harris ticket is doomed – like Mondale-Ferrero in ’84 (only won Minnesota and DC),  and the debates could spell disaster for House Democrats running for […]

If this is her best shot – with our Nation in Lockdown;  then her quiver is empty of arrows.   But then, look at who she endorsed for president…. video clip:

The cover-up of Ukraine-Gate and China-Gate continues full steam ahead!  Neither Pelosi or Biden have ever earned an honest dollar in their entire lives….  

Jim Clyburn “…a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision!” Pelosi: “More bargaining powers for unions, – environmental fuel regulations for airlines, and more wind and solar tax credits.” QUESTION:  Who is our greatest enemy? The Chinese [foreign] with their virus and their lying,  – or the Democrats [domestic] with their globalist agenda […]

Reminiscent of Judas receiving his 30 pieces of silver,  – Pelosi passed out 30 gold pens (engraved with her name) to her faithful impeachment zombies.  None was happier to get one than Maxine Waters.

There is a remarkable parallel between the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 78 years ago,  and the Pelosi-led impeachment of President Trump.  Nancy may not like the outcome,  – any more than the Japs did. Those who fail to study and UNDERSTAND History – are doomed to relive it!

The single thing Democrats hate most about Trump, – is that he is relentlessly keeping each and every 2016 campaign promise to the American People. In a town where Political Memory has for generations only lasted until the next Gallup Poll, – a Republican president keeping promises is cause for panic attacks.

Nancy needs to come clean.  Is her “Impeachment Inquiry” just a smoke screen to cover her own son’s shady dealings in the Ukraine?  Did all the prominent Democrats send their kids to Kiev to dig for free gold?