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The Left-Wing Media runs headlines about a major defeat for Trump,  – ignores that some 700,000+ DACA kids – now mostly grown, – are taking jobs that poor Black and Hispanic kids (US Citizens) will never get. Noteworthy for the moment is that once again Chief Justice Roberts sided with the LibTurds – and gleefully […]

Giving the Keynote Speech at the Detroit NAACP dinner,  the Cherokee Squaw (Senator Warren) blamed America’s Police for making Black citizens afraid. Stupid and uninformed people will believe her;  but if you know the facts,  – you know that she delivered a 30-minute diatribe of lies.

Lilly-White Dems bow to the NAACP; – whitewash their Party History! They’re suddenly ashamed of their two Slave-Owning FOUNDERS?

Is Stone Mountain Next?

June 23rd, 2015

Across the Muslim World – fundamentalist groups like the Taliban,  al Qaeda,  and most recently Daesh / ISIS have busied themselves destroying any and all artworks and antiquities – some dating back thousands of years. Anything THEY deem ‘offensive to Islam’ must be destroyed…. And now here comes Amerika’s Politically Correct Taliban – to haul […]

A strange sad tale from Spokane – sometimes called the Inland Kingdom – where a young white woman – Rachel Dolezal – has been telling folks for years that she’s Black.  She even became head of Spokane’s NAACP Chapter. But of course all lies are eventually exposed, – right Senator Squaw? I’m not running this […]

Because naming a law after a dead thug is SO important to racial advancement? Because a ‘hallowed martyr’ will help fund-raising?  Because they need to prove they can still bully gutless mindless liberals in Congress?  How many inner city Black kids might such a law save – given the current Black-on-Black murder rate in Chicago? Chicago […]

In a world filled with hucksters, charlatans, race-baiters, and crooks – men like Obama, Sharpton, Jackson for instance, – it is a relief to find a genuine man of Faith and Principle. RRB tips our hat to the Reverend Keith A. Ratliff, Sr. – longtime NAACP Leader and Baptist minister from Des Moines, Iowa. Today […]

On Tuesday Princess Michelle visited the gleaming white sandy beaches of Panama City, FL to show her concern and empathy with Gulf Coast towns hit with oil from Deep Horizon.  She was fresh off her speaking event at the NAACP Convention in Kansas City, and this event was “by invitation only”.  Florida Governor and now […]