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35 months ago [June 2016] the Brits ~ thought ~ they’d voted to EXIT the European Union,…but the Globalists did their best to delay and derail the will of the voters. Theresa May did a great stealth job of sabotaging BREXIT; now Nigel has returned to British Politics – and launched the Brexit Party. video:

The endless cycle of Arabs (supplied by Iran) attacking Israel, – only to get a fast one-way trip to meet Allah goes on and on….a people who embrace Death trying to obliterate a people who embrace Life.  The Gaza Arab terrorists are expendable fools in the hands of the Iranians. Now watch as our left-wing […]

Two charismatic leaders  – both shapers of History,  – and each with huge followings in each other’s homelands….just might plan to meet in London. But the English Globalists (very anti-Brexit) are as equally determined to nullify that Brexit vote as the Socialists and Democrats are determined to impeach Trump here.

She’s been Chancellor of Germany since 2005 – survived several re-election campaigns,  and tried to be both “Center-Right” – and still welcome ‘refugees’.   Like many Germans she suffers a post-Nazi guilt akin to what American Liberals suffer with their self-inflicted “White Guilt”. But her misplaced ‘guilt’ and political stupidity is killing her nation,  – […]

As he has done each year – Obama has named June – the traditional month of blushing brides and honeymoons – as LGTB Pride month. But like most everything else he touches, – he left the job less than half done….

Germany’s Angela Merkel is allowing the prosecution of little-known comedian Jan Böhmermann – because he mocked Turkish Prime Minister – the Hitler-like Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Here in the USA, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg will delete your comments – and maybe your account – if he deems you ‘offensive’,  – or in violation of his ‘standards of […]

Terrorists, Hoaxers, Or ASSHOLES?

December 21st, 2015

As I post this the Nashua, New Hampshire schools are closed due to “a credible threat”.   Will it turn out to be genuine terrorism,  a hoax,  – or a stupid kid’s prank to get out of a test…?

Only The Lonely In Miami

December 16th, 2015

Jeb Bush’s Debate Watch Party,…wasn’t much of a party… Roy Orbison anticipated Jeb’s turnout….

The Republicans walked into a set-up…..

Let’s see,…Muslims killing us on 9/11, at Fort Hood, in Boston, in Moore, OK, in Little Rock, in Chattanooga, and in San Bernardino,…so Trump calls for a halt to Muslim immigration…. …and the Left and the RiNOs E-X-P-L-O-D-E-! Gee,…maybe he’s on to something…?