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“After welcoming almost 12,000 refugees to their region,  three-quarters of Canadians living in the province of Ontario now say that Muslim immigrants hold fundamentally different values and a majority believe mainstream Islam promotes violence.” This time last year young Mister Trudeau was mocking Donald Trump and his plan to halt immigration from certain terrorist-plagued regions.  […]

It seems Pope Francis has a much different agenda from the 265 popes who came before him. In trying to reach out to refugees,  – with the idea of making Peace,…or even converting them to the Church,…he may be endangering his followers,  – and the very Western Civilization which allowed the Catholic Church to prosper. […]

New Europe – the European Union – is fraying at the edges as the seams are being strained by hordes of Muslim ‘refugees’ and the terrorism they’ve brought.   Strong voices in England like UKIP leader Nigel Farage want to pull Britain out of the EU mess. Now know-it-all Obama comes to England to advise them […]

The mainstream media has ignored this story,… …while Obama continues to bring these people in by the planeload under cover of darkness….

Until he pulled out his pistol,  you wouldn’t have given this guy a second look… But he and his buddies tore up Central Jakarta this morning flinging crude pipe bombs and home-made grenades at tourists and police officials….

At RRB we were stunned when Obama went to the Pentagon to confer with his generals.   We didn’t think he knew where the building is… Claiming to be part of a 64-nation ‘coalition’,  – Obama promised more of the same,  – i.e. Teleprompter Powered hot air – directed against his feared and hated enemy – […]

CAUTION:  VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES!!   These are just some of the reasons why Trump is right about a moratorium on Muslim immigration from the Middle East. Can YOU pick out the guilty beheaders?   Would you recognize them in a refugee camp of 3,000 men?

Are We As Stupid As Europe?

October 22nd, 2015

A Muslim army is invading Europe.  Can you see it? How many Europeans will be murdered and raped?   And your Democrat traitors want to bring some of them here?

There is a growing refugee crisis in Europe.   Surely Dear Leader Obama will not let it go to waste…? With known ISIS fighters already spotted amongst the ‘refugees’, – will Obama issue an ‘Executive Order’ to allow thousands of undocumented Muslims entry to the US – with a full pallet of government benefits to live […]