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WoW!   Strip away the so-called ‘Political Correctness’ – and the truth comes out. We have just 69 days until the election,  – therefore I think the time for gentle words and ‘political correctness’ are long past.  Particularly since the media has taken a partisan position,   – they’re working for the Democrats….  So yes,  Hillary IS […]

With questions swirling in the media about some ties Paul Manafort has to Ukrainian politics,  – he has resigned from Trump’s Campaign. So Hillary,  how ’bout showing your Muslim Brotherhood bitch the door? Oh,  my bad,  – I forgot the PRESS will never question anything about their Progressive Queen-in-Waiting….or her entourage of royal retainers….

Huma Abedin – getting ‘paid’ by the Clinton Campaign – $69,263.oo PER Quarter! I guess Hillary’s Arab donors want to insure she stays on message?

Bad news for Hillary!  Remember Obama’s speech in Cairo?  Remember his plan to topple all the heads of Arab government across North Africa and the Middle East,  – replacing them with his Muslim Brotherhood buddies? Remember when Mohammed Morsi hijacked the “Arab Spring” movement in Egypt and seized power? Well, he didn’t last long…. 

147 Dead Kenyan Students,   21 Copts in Libya… Mister pResident – can you explain your anti-terrorism strategy again? So many different groups, – what do they all have in common?

Texas-Sized Prison Riot

February 22nd, 2015

Everything is bigger in Texas, and today folk there are probably very glad that Wendy Davis is not their governor.  She wouldn’t have know what to do. Willacy County Correctional – Raymondville, Texas, – just 30 miles north of the Mexican Border, is a federal prison run by private contractor Management & Training Corporation. There are […]

Has the tide of public opinion turned to public outrage? Are the liberal sheeple of Mass-a-Two-Shits finally waking up – as their rights and their sovereignty are being squandered by 21st Century One-World No-Borders Socialists? Deval Patrick and Obama were both elected – then re-elected – on the basis of built-up white guilt, – and […]

Brazen, rude, unapologetic, – they act as if their signed pResidential pardons were already in their pockets. The list of Lois Lerner’s sins grows – item-by-item, – despite her destroying her hard drive to cover her tracks.

This morning Egypt has a new President – and vexing problems dating back thousands of years. The country is swarming with suicidal Islamists, and life is dirt cheap there. Recent history does not bring reassurance. Egypt is the birthplace [cira 1926-8] of the Muslim Brotherhood – the granddaddy of all the Islamic terrorist groups. They […]

Airbrushing Hillary

September 22nd, 2013

The Left’s 3-year campaign to repackage the Witch begins.  New York Magazine runs a 7-page puff piece – complete with incredible airbrushed photo. Hillaryphiles and low-information women will eat it up!