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The Massachusetts 3rd CD is ‘represented’ (no, not really) by a pathetic excuse for a “lawyer”,  – a left-over 1960s anti-war hippy girl who’s managed to make a living on her dead husband’s name,  – and his senate pension,  – and his social security. Her only real skill is posing for photo-ops,  and she ALWAYS […]

Paul is a British activist.  Cameron is England’s version of Obama – a Muslim apologist. And all of Britain is being overrun by Muslims,…with all the problems that always creates…. Video below the fold:

Tell Us Again Nikki Haley….

January 16th, 2016

…tell us again Barack Hussein Obama…why we shouldn’t consider these daily, – nightly worldwide acts of terrorism as ‘Mainstream Muslim Behavior‘… PLEASE explain – in simple terms mind you, – that the “un-Holy Qur’an” doesn’t really command all Muslim believers to seek out and kill non-believers…