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In these past 4 years shooting have more than doubled,  – murders occur in broad daylight….  But in the mayor’s mind,  individual people don’t count for much; – pizza toppings do! He was asked on a radio show when he was going to use that $6 Billion to hire enough cops…. His answer was stunning:  […]

When he first ran for mayor in 2013,  lifelong communist Bill de Blasio thought he could turn NYC into a Utopian example of 21st Century Communist success.   His first moves were to vilify the cops.  He played the race card. Eight years later his streets have become shooting galleries. There were 462 murders in NYC […]

She found time to falsely charge the McCloskeys;  – but she never reported her 8+ trips around the country and overseas…? St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is the darling queen of the gun-grabbing left wing after the July 10th incident when a terrified white couple were seen defending their lives and home from a […]

Despite what you’ve heard about Chicago,  Baltimore is the real murder capital of America.  It’s a smaller city, and rapidly losing population,  – but the murder rate among young Blacks is much higher. Since the death of Freddie Grey – and the riots that followed,  – everybody wanted to blame the police. Loretta Lynch forced […]

It’s like the Perfect Storm: the Communist Mayor ran for office on a race-baiting anti-NYPD platform.  He ended Stop-Question-&-Frisk.   Next he blamed all cops for the death of a lifetime street thug.  Predictably, shootings have skyrocketed; – the murder rate is up. Does de Blasio admit he was wrong?  Nah!   The mayor with the […]

Left-wing ex-Baltimore mayor, ex-Maryland governor announced today he’s in the race to succeed Obama….He has to challenge the “Heir-Apparent” Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Nomination. On the EXACT day he announced, Baltimore recorded its 40th homicide – yet another young Black man gunned down,  while six police officers face homicide charges,  and city cops are […]

Deval Patrick’s charade continues… Patriots needed to push back and demand that the governor uphold the law and honor his oath. WHERE: Massasoit College Conference Center, 770 Crescent Street [Rt 27 East] 11:30 AM.  Expect a mob.