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She found time to falsely charge the McCloskeys;  – but she never reported her 8+ trips around the country and overseas…? St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is the darling queen of the gun-grabbing left wing after the July 10th incident when a terrified white couple were seen defending their lives and home from a […]

Despite what you’ve heard about Chicago,  Baltimore is the real murder capital of America.  It’s a smaller city, and rapidly losing population,  – but the murder rate among young Blacks is much higher. Since the death of Freddie Grey – and the riots that followed,  – everybody wanted to blame the police. Loretta Lynch forced […]

It’s like the Perfect Storm: the Communist Mayor ran for office on a race-baiting anti-NYPD platform.  He ended Stop-Question-&-Frisk.   Next he blamed all cops for the death of a lifetime street thug.  Predictably, shootings have skyrocketed; – the murder rate is up. Does de Blasio admit he was wrong?  Nah!   The mayor with the […]

Left-wing ex-Baltimore mayor, ex-Maryland governor announced today he’s in the race to succeed Obama….He has to challenge the “Heir-Apparent” Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Nomination. On the EXACT day he announced, Baltimore recorded its 40th homicide – yet another young Black man gunned down,  while six police officers face homicide charges,  and city cops are […]

Deval Patrick’s charade continues… Patriots needed to push back and demand that the governor uphold the law and honor his oath. WHERE: Massasoit College Conference Center, 770 Crescent Street [Rt 27 East] 11:30 AM.  Expect a mob.