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The dastardly crime:   With malice of forethought the defendants mounted a TRUMP FLAG to a DEADLY PICKUP TRUCK – and drove through campus! Muffy sent a trained investigator (Hillary supporter) to gather facts, rumors, and hurt feelings…

Maybe he thought he could genuflect, – and all would be forgiven. Maybe he thought he is still an ‘important Republican‘… Maybe he believed the rumors….that he was under consideration for SecState – i.e. the #3 position in the Trump Administration…  His body language upon leaving told how crushing an hour of reality can be…..

RiNOs, Can You See November Yet?

February 25th, 2016

Huckabee,  Jeb,  Christie are out, – Scott Walker left weeks ago, – and Kasich will follow shortly.  Mitt Romney is storm-battered and snake-bit; – he can’t be persuaded to come riding in and campaign to save your losing cabal.  Sure, he’d take it if it were handed to him in Cincinnati. Like it or not,  short […]

Oh Gawd, Here We Go Again!

January 17th, 2013

I went to the MassGOP Chair forum in Lexington tonight.  I went to watch, to listen, and to judge. I didn’t stay for the end – I didn’t need to.  OK, so I’m a judgmental old bastard, – combat and command will do that to a man.   For better or worse, I now render judgment:

In the shadow of the Founder’s Monument they gathered, – dazed, bewildered, still in denial, to heap praise on each other and claim the defeat doesn’t really matter. I wondered if they grasped the irony.

Muffy Wants A Title?

April 2nd, 2012

W-h-e-r-e have you been Muffy? The ‘quiet loser’, – former LtGov Kerry ‘Muffy’ Healey, suddenly emerges from her self-imposed 5-year exile. She wants to replace National Party-Girl Jody ‘buy-me-a-drink’ Dow as our new MassGOP National Committeewoman. With an air of expectation we’ve come to expect from the Romney Cartel, she EXPECTS to be elected Thursday night […]