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If you’ve ever wondered why Liberals seem so ignorant,  so uninformed, – and often so totally unaware of issues,….and why they’re so quick to dismiss you as a racist,….this clip is a sample of their breakfast cereal. In the world of the liberals,  – a TV anchor is an elevated deity,…not simply a highly-paid entertainer.  […]

Sure sounds like a veiled threat – and a call for action…. Secret Service should visit her – quickly;  – maybe even on set.

$20 Million wasn’t enough to keep her at Fox…..she wanted to be with like-minded people…. I won’t miss her; – I was tired of changing channels at 9 PM.

Isn’t it wonderful when a loving husband gives his politically ambitious wife a helping hand  – with her political war-chest…?   Liberal Hypocrisy Anyone? Most of his life Matthews has been a left-wing bomb-thrower,  distorting the truth and flinging innuendos about Republican motives….

The most anti-GOP network,  always quick to defend the Clintons and the Obamas, – and to mock Republicans, – is suddenly ‘uncomfortable’ with the ‘appearance of conflict’?  Is this a sign that Hillary’s tangled web of lies is coming unglued? It’s not that MSNBC was excited to tell this story….

Another jilted MoonBat loverboy faces year-three morning after reality. “Give us our orders…” “He doesn’t call…“

Newt Thumps MSNBC

November 18th, 2011

Newt calls MSNBC Obama’s re-election team… Overlook the commercial – listen to Newt give straight answers on his feet. Vintage Newt!

 ‘What a lovely young woman!’ you might think looking at her. You might be surprised to learn she has 20 years as an activist in Democratic politics. You might really be surprised to hear what she has to say about Republicans and Herman Cain! Once again it’s a case of ‘don’t let looks fool you!’

Is it the culture or the desperation? Ed Schultz suspended for calling Laura Ingraham a – right-wing slut – on his Tuesday radio show. If course,  today Ed is contrite.  Loss of a paycheck and maybe a career will do that to a middle-age man. You can watch his scripted video mea culpa if you want – […]

FLASH:  Keith Olbermann has been SUSPENDED!  “I became aware of Keith’s political contributions late last night.  Mindful of NBC News policy and standards,  I have suspended him indefinitely without pay,” MSNBC President Phil Griffin said in a statement.  NBC has ‘standards’?  I’m stunned!