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The media used you in 2006, – and they STILL ARE! Remember those Duke LaCrosse players? The very worst they were guilty of was poor judgment. But they were indicted for rape – and their lives – and their entire university – were turned upside down. In time the overly-zealous District Attorney was disbarred, and […]

Is this the MSM’s way of using religious symbology to sell you on their new God-King?

MSNBC Talking Head Explodes

March 3rd, 2010

And they accuse us of being “angry”? Do not, I repeat – DO NOT expect responsible journalism from MSNBC.  The level of agenda-driven questioning by Dylan Ragitan is both rude and unprofessional.  Watch him explode when his guest – Mark Williams of the TEA Party Express – doesn’t take the bait, and gives him back […]

Squirm You Worm – Squirm!

October 3rd, 2009

Hello Americans, David Letterman has a history of troubles. His ratings were always lower than Johnny Carson and then Jay Leno. For years an obsessed woman stalked his Connecticut home. After his son was born, a Montana painter plotted to kidnap the boy. Now debt-plagued CBS producer Robert “Joe” Halderman tried to blackmail Dave for […]