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We can only bear our ignominious disgrace in stoic silence, – since RiNOs outnumber Patriots on the 80-member State Committee,  and you don’t get another chance to dump them until March 2016. Just 86 days ago our voters elected a RiNO as governor [yes, Charlie was way better than Coakley] and sent all 8 incumbent […]

After all, in Massachusetts, – it’s not illegal [or uncommon] for “Republicans” to be snake-bit, silent, and inert! Who’s minding the store?  Oh,…Kaufman’s Mouseketeer?

What better way for Kaufman and the Mouseketeer to follow up on a failed convention – but to be taken to court for ballot-stuffing? This will surely motivate Independents and TEA Party Patriots to jump on the Baker Bandwagon, right Kirsten?  You just oversaw three (3) special election losses yesterday due to low turnout – […]

Beware Of Invasive Mice

October 7th, 2013

Fresh off her stunning success getting Ed Markey [that 40-year do-nothing government worker] elected as our US Senator,  MassGOP Chair Mouse Kirsten Hughes has decided to hijack an on-going ballot petition drive being run by actual Republicans.  Proof that theft is the sincerest form of flattery..?  And it only took her two (2) full months!

You’ve had 23 full days to ponder your utter failure on June 25th – when “Navy SEAL Navy SEAL” was left stranded on the beach in Cohasset. Now we face another Special Election to fill the non-vacuum Markey leaves in the 5th Congressional District.  22 Towns are effected. GOT A PLAN YET?  GOT CANDIDATES? DO […]