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Good news about real Republicans!

Somewhere in Montana there is a FISH,  – and Judge Morris is going to save him from the evil pipeline. A ruling issued by a sneaky Democrat under cover of the National Coronavirus Lockdown?

At this rate,  can Charlie FAKER be far behind?

Nobody can prove that Democrats were behind the dirty mailer – sent from an ‘anonymous group’ (illegal under election laws) to siphon votes away from Rosendale – for Breckenridge,  – and thus give a lead to Democrat Tester… Thus Breckenridge’s act of dropping out and throwing his support to the Republican may go down as […]

Don Jr and the President are among real American Patriots,  – making the case for Republican Matt Rosendale – to replace Swamp Creature Tester. Trump: “Get your ass out to VOTE!”   One of the best and funniest Trump rallies yet!