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Just another of Obama’s “dreamers”;  – he stalked,  raped,  murdered,  and dumped 100-lb Mollie Tibbetts in a corn field.  He was here illegally,  – and married to Mollie’s best friend,  – of course with an anchor baby.

Her stunningly callous answer to the most basic question proves she has little or no regard for Americans who are victims of illegal immigrants…. Democrats simply don’t care about Americans, – certainly not about White Americans!

Want Your Women To Come Home?

August 22nd, 2018

There are predators out there  – just looking for helpless and oblivious victims.  Do NOT expect mercy.  They’ll use your woman,  – and dump her body. Young Mollie Tibbetts was a needless victim – jogging in an area she’d come to know as “SAFE”.  It wasn’t!   And she was unarmed.

If you voted for Obama – either time – YOU helped murder Mollie! Liberals immediately tried to spin the news with a softer tone…