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A Fitting End!  Obama’s buddy Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood President (briefly 30 June 2012 – 3 July 2013) Mohamed Morsi collapsed in court today and died.   He was a leader of the “Arab Spring” movement which overthrew several North African leaders and gave rise to ISIS. Now he’s talking with Allah!  Yet another piece of the […]

The Real Benghazi Plot?

November 27th, 2012

Foul internet rumor; – or stark ugly truth? Did the Benghazi Massacre start as an Obama re-election plot, only to go terribly awry?  Was it really a fake kidnapping – to make Obama look good in October, keeping the press focused on his ‘presidential actions’? Did Stevens and his bodyguards die so Obama could get […]

The Fingerprints Of Ahmadinejad

November 21st, 2012

Feeling drained after the election? News moving too fast?  Let’s try a little catch-up: Novermber 14th – Israelis pinpoint strike a long-time Hamas bad guy – Ahmad Jabari – who was responsible for hundreds of rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel in the past several years. Hamas vows to ‘open the gates of hell’.