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Once again RRB is indebted to our good friend – Conservative blogger Bob Parks of for going past the surface noise and showing the truth, – about what Cliven said, – and how the George Soros outfit Media Matters deliberately twisted it. Cliven may not be a trained political orator or public speaker, – […]

How bad science and bad politics put another nail in Obama’s coffin. Yes, – your government lied to you!   Believing this range war nearly started over an “endangered tortoise” – or over unpaid grazing fees, – would be like believing that Obama cares about your medical bills – or that ObamaCare is a wonderfully clever […]

“…inbred bastards…better have funeral plans!” Clark County Nevada Commissioner Tom Collins – referring to the folks coming from Utah to support embattled Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy. Now, if there is shooting and bloodshed – it will be in some large measure on Collins’ hands.  With nerves on both sides on edge,  – federal sniper […]

Echos Of Ruby Ridge And Waco

April 10th, 2014

There’s nothing quite like a team of government snipers on your ridgeline to validate the worst fears of Freedom-Loving Americans. There is a 30+ year long dispute out west – in Bunkerville, Nevada – over grazing rights on “federal land”.   One of the biggest issues is how the federal government got the land in the […]

Steve Grossman’s Got Guts!

December 11th, 2012

Tim Cahill’s jury is still in deliberation, and Steve Grossman is advertising the Lottery – on the front page of the Herald – right above Coakley’s picture! BREAKING:  Wed 12 Dec – Timmy gets a HUNG JURY – Mistrial! BREAKING:  Co-Defendant Scott Campbell NOT guilty!

You’re gonna be Martha Coakley’s public whipping boy. Mass AttnyGen Martha Coakley needs to rewrite and rebuild her résumé quickly – before 2014 rolls around. By then she wants a clean shot at either Lurch’s senate seat or the corner office. But she has SO MUCH BAGGAGE! She needs a new start Tim, – and […]