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Macron Tries Buying French Peace

December 10th, 2018

As if he’s been attending Pelosi-Schumer University,  – France’s Boy President Macron went on TV today demanding an end to the Yellow Vest rioting. Then he promised a €100 ($113) raise in the minimum wage and a roll-back on certain pension taxes. In short, like Democrats here in America, – he’s attempting to buy favor […]

Nothing irritates a gay man more than being ignored.  That’s why they often act out in obnoxious ways,  – create drama in the workplace,  – and keep drawing attention to themselves…. So there was my very special Democrat State Senator – sitting in the street in Cambridge – demanding that McDonald’s pay high school kids […]

Fuzzy-Headed Liberal Nerd Does His Math – Can’t Afford 500 x $15/hr Math is MATH!   When UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks was faced with California’s new law mandating a $15.oo minimum wage,  his math said they don’t have the money.  So they’ll lay off 500 suddenly ‘non-essential’ workers.

The Herald’s Joe Battenfeld ran a piece today – a ‘Puff Piece’,  – to give credibility to the 2016 ambitions of Senator Squaw, – and a possible match-up against Mitt RiNO Romney. Geez… What could Joe ~ possibly ~ have in mind?  Is he trying to entice MassHole MoonBats to start buying the Herald?  Why […]

“…you’ve done a grave disservice,…go ahead and just step down”. Listen to these folks talk about the joke of Obama’s symbolic raising of the minimum wage – for future federal contracts.  They see through it.