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So far no re-run of Chicago 2008.   The real rioting is in Seattle and Portland,  – the real killing in Chicago,  Cincinnati,  and NYC. Eight lonely Bernie Babes protesting at an empty convention hall is hardly newsworthy.

Trump showed his skills as both a showman and a strategist, – holding his Milwaukee rally at the exact same time as the dwindling field of 6 Democraps were debating for the CNN cameras in Iowa.

4,000 Miles Of Railroad Tracks?

September 6th, 2010

Obama knows you’re waking up, shaking off the effects of the Kool-Aid.  You’re about to wipe out his liberal / Socialist / Progressive / kowtowing Democratic majority in Congress.  He must act fast to finish bankrupting our economy as the final step before declaring a Socialist State. So he needs to spend another $50 Billion […]