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Millennials and the older GenZs knew ALL the Answers – about climate,  about Society,  about how the Economy, Politics, and Government should work.  Then the Chinese Coronavirus came along. Everything they knew as a “FACT” a month ago is meaningless.  Their $800 smart phones can’t keep them safe.  Now they must work from home,  – […]

Short scary video below the fold:

Tell ’em how well it’s working out in Venezuela – one of the richest nations in the world,  – in terms of natural resources, energy, and food. While much of the media these past seven months has focused on President Trump,  – on Russian collaboration (they still can’t find any), and on a possible comeback […]

Here’s to all the Millennials still in grief over Hillary.  Please don’t let them drink and drive….

Millions of young voters across the land are waking up to a world without Bernie.  They are grieving, stunned, and shell-shocked.   Quick!  Where are the safe spaces and the grief counselors? Dear Millennials,  allow an old man a few words….

Saving Bernie Babes from mass hysteria and nervous breakdowns in advance of Hillary’s coronation. Funny how life works,  – Democrats have brain-dead millennials distracted by chasing imaginary creatures – just as ObamaCare runs out of money to care for them. Is there an Islamic version for ISIS – where they can chase their 72 virgins?