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AMMO UP Folks!  It’s about to be a long,  hot,  ugly summer! If you think we’re watching chaos along our Mexican Border,  – just watch what is about to happen across America’s big and small cities this summer.  The forces of George Soros – AntiFA and BLM have their flares and Molotovs ready,  – and […]

….and Commies rioting in their streets.   No sooner had left-wing PussyKrat Ted Wheeler been reelected Mayor of riot-plagued Portland,  than the AntiFA / BLM goons took to the streets and started breaking windows. Governor Kate Brown – perhaps sensing that Trump may have a very short fuse now – activated the National Guard….

Portland’s brigade of BLM thugs are practicing a new tactic,  – they’ve occupied the lobby of the Mayor’s home.   It’s private property,  – but being trained Marxists,  – they don’t recognize the concept of ‘private property‘.  (That would be ‘racist’.) Will Ted’s patience finally reach a breaking point?  Will he display liberal hypocrisy and call […]