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Bad construction or sabotage?  Pity the poor souls who were cooked alive! 45-story high rise becomes an inferno!  Map:

Markey And The Squaw

September 16th, 2014

In times of crisis, – like the onset of war, isn’t it wonderful to have wise, seasoned leaders in Congress, – to make sure the pResident doesn’t blunder his way into WW III? MassHoles must be so glad they voted these proven war wizards into office…

Hey Lurch, you’re 17 months into the job you always wanted. How’s it coming? Making a lot of foreign policy? Signing a lot of peace treaties? Soothing world trouble spots? Bringing peace to troubled regions? Rescuing hostages from terrorists?

Israel: Obama’s Re-election Toy

September 15th, 2011

  It took the patience of many US presidents and secretaries of state – over decades – to broker semi-stable ‘peace’ agreements between Israel and her neighboring Islamic states. Seemingly in the twinkling of an eye – or the ‘Arab Spring‘, all those efforts have been swept away, leaving Israel isolated and her neighbors emboldened. […]

The forces of change are moving – a kind of ‘change’ that Obama knows nothing about. In Obama’s world change is something that happens when enlightened socialist like him get power over the institutions of governance, and use them to alter society.  That’s a key reason why he was so dismissive of the TEA Parties […]