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Has a presidential campaign begun on the Island of Maui – in Oprah’s mansion? I’ve seen enough Obama lies over these past six years that I don’t believe Michelle’s extended Hawaiian vacation is a ‘birthday gift’ from Barry.  Maybe they’re just tired of fighting? I think we’re watching the careful beginning of her Senate run […]

No,  it’s not her new book,  but it might as well be!  She’s setting about to destroy whatever credibility he has left. The Butcher of Benghazi is using these three years 2013-14-15 to give highly paid speeches,  raise funds,  and test-market soundbites before friendly audiences.  No cameras,  no recording devices, no proven record of what she […]

The level of crass, tacky, and in-your-face ‘F*ck-you‘ has damn-near choked me…. Help me out here Folks,  – what’s wrong with this picture?

She really thinks she’s the Queen. The scene; her 3rd appearance on the Jay Leno Tonight Show [what other first lady has been so tacky?] and there is Olympic Gold Medal winner Gabby Douglas – who cutely admits to enjoying an Egg McMuffin after the competition was over… …to be immediately – and repeatedly scolded […]

Who on Earth is dressing First Lizard Michelle Obama? Exactly what ‘statement’ is she trying to make? Is there a Nobel Prize for Tackiness? CAUTION:

Thunder-Thighs Lectures Leno

February 1st, 2012

A bizarre demonstration of how not to use the ‘bully pulpit’ – First Beast Michelle Obama lectures Leno on what to eat. Jay, enjoy your payback for all those lame Bush and McCain jokes you told over the last 15 years. Eat a zucchini!

Does This SMELL To You?

October 27th, 2011

Former ENRON oil and gas trader – worth over $1.5 Billion – holding BIG DOLLAR fundraiser featuring Michelle Obama on Nov 1st. What’s in it for John D. Arnold?   Public employee pension funds! Yep – he wants Obama’s help in converting public employee pension funds into 401Ks – managed by his friends.  With a […]

A Day Of Grotesque News

October 12th, 2011

If this was a movie, you’d walk out. Yesterday was a day of images for our T-shirt president. First he went to Pittsburg for a speaking / fundraising engagement. The pictures tell the story of near-total disinterest in this failed leader. Meanwhile, back at the zoo, . . . 

Was This Trip Necessary?

September 29th, 2011

During the dark days of WWII when we were rationing gasoline here and overseas, the everyday question for both military and civilians was: “Is this trip necessary?” What ‘necessity’ caused Michelle Obama to go shopping for ‘stuff’ at Target in Alexandria today? How big was the Secret Service escort?  How many big armored SUVs rolled […]

“Let Them Eat Food Stamps!”

September 24th, 2011

A bridge too far?  A bracelet too much? Obama Stuck on Stupid? Obama wants what he wants – when he wants it!  It is the would-be dictator in him.  Thursday he flew Air Force One once again – to Cincinnati – to DEMAND that Congress pass a spending bill for another ‘shovel ready project‘ – […]