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Chicago drops the hoax charges!   Unclear if the Feds will drop their mail-fraud charges too…. Guess it helps to be a ‘celebrity’…?  And have Michelle Obama ask for the FBI (the Obama FBI) to look at the case…?

Artist Amy Sherald captured the essence of the Bold (masculine) Woman, – her strong shoulders and piercing eyes….

PLEASE,   don’t let young boys see this….

Moosechelle Obama spends a week in Doha, Qatar and Amman Jordan – takes left-wing clown Conan O’Brien with her… Qatar is a nation rich enough to buy Lockheed C-17 airplanes…

America’s FIRST Black First Lady takes Tuskegee Graduates back to the 1960s with a speech laden with bitterness, victimization, and racial division. I really wanted to ignore the thing, – not give her any added publicity or a bigger megaphone;…but her hate-filled words addressed to the Black graduates with the full deliberation of teleprompter technology […]

The Obamas Land In Saudi Arabia

January 27th, 2015

Comes to ‘pay respect’ to Royal Family for their loss, – and to cement ties with new King Salman. BUT,… Michelle Obama arrogantly disembarks without a head covering.   W-H-A-T is she thinking?  Note the other American woman is uncovered too…

BREAKING! Personal Chef to the Obamas since 2005, – White House Chef since Jan 2009, – Sam Kass has quit over Queen Michelle’s abusive behavior. He’s loyal, played golf with Obama, – – probably won’t write a book,…at first…. Seems the Queen sent one too many meals back to the kitchen…with a snarly comment. Hey […]

Suddenly Black Girls – in Africa – are of concern? After 5 years and 3 months in the White House, – she’s concerned about girls in Nigeria – 5,600 miles away? What about the young girls of Washington DC, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Atlanta, Memphis, or a hundred other poverty-stricken American cities? If Nigerian […]

A White House Divorce?

April 2nd, 2014

The rumor mill is heating up, and there’s evidence to justify it. Short of a catastrophic event, – Americans may never know the full story of the Obamas.  Is he gay?  Was she born a man or a transvestite?  Were they ever in love?  Were the girls adopted? In the long run these details may […]

Actually, she’s building her political résumé.…even if her mother is wearing a muu-muu. The Chinese will be delighted to finance another Obama into the White House; – the one there now is doing great things for them.