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She’s from Chicago,  – and she challenging the snarly old White Guy – Bloody Mike Capuano,  – for his cushy 20 year seat in Congress. From her public statements,  she plans to be the next Maxine Waters.

Trump speaks at Boston’s Langham Hotel today. The usual rabble of Communists, Socialists, Atheists, traitors, perverts and drug users will assemble to protest. Representative “BLOODY MIKE” Crapuano plans to lead them.

Pelosi’s Puppy yaps….forgets what he was saying just 4 years ago.

Who will our MassHolers vote for tomorrow?  Four Dems are in tomorrow’s Special Primary – each hoping to inherit the “Kennedy Seat*”.  Each claims to fully support National Health Care and the “public option” – although all four have thus far carefully avoided mentioning Obama’s name.  Michael Capuano:   lawyer – mayor- 6-term über-liberal Rep from […]