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Jonathan Capehart Apologizes

March 18th, 2015

A rare moment in history:  Liberal Washington Post opinion writer read the DoJ reports and issues an apology. “Michael Brown never surrendered, and Darren Wilson was justified”. But the race-baiters and profiteers will still be selling the t-shirts. Video below the fold:

State Police Arrest 17 Commies

January 15th, 2015

Peaceful protest and petition for redress of grievances is fully protected by our 1st Amendment. Maybe being a dumb-ass is too….? But blocking traffic is NOT “peaceful protest”, – it becomes life-threatening public endangerment. Do it on an Interstate Highway – like I-93, – and the Feds may have jurisdiction. And they were protesting the […]

It was cheap race-baiting at best; – but really it was the start of their 2016 re-election campaigns. Al Green had the gall to call it “…a John Carlos Moment”…. None of these members of the Congressional Black Caucus give a tinker’s damn about Michael Brown, – or about the next Black teenage thug who […]

Draining Gold From A Corpse?

November 6th, 2014

The next generation of Race Pimps is now practicing – LAW. Professor Justin Hansford – St Louis School of Law – is taking the ‘bereaved parents’ of Ferguson, MO teenage thug Michael Brown to the UN in Geneva, Switzerland. WHO is paying for this trip – where these ‘bereaved’ gold diggers will meet with 20 […]

There MUST be, – otherwise why would Al Sharpton – America’s Premier Race Pimp – be returning for a 4-day weekend? Always the Best Dressed Man at any event, you just have to wonder where all his money comes from… How many American companies are still paying him an annual “Peacekeeping Fee”?