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Have we just wasted 243 years and 1,300,000 American Patriots?   Did we fight a revolution to be FREE from a tyrannical king,  – to now have our high school children march to Washington and DEMAND tyranny? A fitting tribute to the job Union Teachers in our Public Schools have done in dumbing down two […]

Last year you allowed New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg to buy a cheap whore and install her in office.  Today HE runs your state’s justice system. Markeith Loyd killed three people – four if you count Sade’s unborn baby,  – and yet Bloomberg’s hand-picked über-liberal State Attorney Aramis Alaya (her husband is a twice-convicted cocaine […]

Former NYC Mayor / Billionaire Michael Bloomberg HATES guns – any guns – all guns – and mostly your guns!   So he buys anti-gun politicians wherever he can find them. Amaris Ayala is a Democrat running for State Attorney down in Florida’s Osceola and Orange Counties.  So far she’s raised chicken feed in campaign funds, […]

The NY Times reports the 3-term Billionaire ex-mayor is considering a 3rd party run for the White House. If he wins, would he still spend his weekends in Bermuda?

Even as Texas begins to allow open carry,  Obama is about to meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch – looking for any even quasi-legal Executive Orders he can sign to restrict gun sales and gun ownership.  Does he have a list provided by Michael Bloomberg? Bloomberg must be smoldering over Texas, – even as he […]

…while Bloomberg accepts a Knighthood. Some days the gross just keeps on rolling…. The only good news is that Bloomberg – by accepting the knighthood – just disqualified himself from any further elected or appointed office. This will undoubtedly come as a shock to Michael – who hasn’t read Article II, Section 9, last paragraph […]

Elitist billionaire [$36 Billion] 3-time mayor of NY City Michael Bloomberg went to Aspen, Colorado – and maybe revealed how he’s come to feel about minorities. He spoke about Colorado’s marijuana laws [stupid] and about education [you might make more money as a plumber than by going to Harvard] and about minority kids and guns….

Bloomberg and the gun grabbers will be after him!

The Best Anti-Gun Vote Money Can Buy! Jessie Jackson Jr. is headed to jail; – so NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg [worth $25 Bil / 10th Richest in US] put up $2.1 Million to fund Chicago anti-gun candidate Robin Kelly.  Bloomberg feels our 2nd Amendment is for sale…cheap! On the Republican side of the primary […]