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It seems like just last year that CNN was interviewing Michael Avenatti nearly every afternoon and evening.  We were ~ told ~ that he ‘had the goods’ on Donald Trump. Now Avenatti is in big trouble for trying to shake down sneaker company Nike,  – he owes years of back taxes,  – owes tons of […]


Her sleazy attorney Michael Avenatti should have known it was a stretch for a working porn star to be taken seriously when suing the President for ‘defamation’.   How does one ‘defame’ a woman who started taking her clothes off at age 17,  and now has stared in hundreds of adult films? Federal District Judge Samuel […]

ANY Willing Woman They Can Find?

September 23rd, 2018

The sheer desperation of the pro-abortion Democrats is showing!  They’ve dug up another woman – a Hispanic with a lurid tale of a drunken party at Yale,  – and a fake penis hung before her face. Too bad her friends debunk her claim.  Not to worry,  – the sleazy lawyer representing porn star/ prostitute Stormy […]

It may go down as one of History’s greatest put-downs!