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We have gambling dens – ‘casinos‘ about to open,  – and our scandal-riddled State Cops will be assigned to police them.  We’ve just seen sworn officers sell their badges for $75/hour shifts;….can they be trusted to police and guard Million$? Charlie is being quoted as saying that the sight of three troopers hauled into court […]

Mexican Drug Cartels leave two billboards – with blunt threats and hanging figures alongside Interstate 10 in El Paso Texas. Just three years ago – May 11th 2011 – Obama went to El Paso to mock Republicans for wanting the border sealed. “They want a moat – with alligators in it…!”

Did You Kill A Mexican Today?

August 29th, 2010

Did you help murder a Mexican today?  Do you use drugs?  Do any of your friends or relatives use drugs?  Do you employ a Mexican to cut your grass, rake your leaves, or clean your house or your pool? By some reports, at least 28,000 have been murdered in Mexico in the past two years […]