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That Biden Boy has a real ‘Need to Breed’! He’s traveled the World with his corrupt daddy – gladly taking foreign money for access to the Oval Office…. Has he left any little souvenirs behind…? Kathleen (wife+ 3 kids),..Ashley Madison (dating service),…Hallie (widowed sister-in-law),..Lunden (Arkansas loved one),..Melissa (new bride),…any more Hunter?  

He must have inherited a big slice of his dad’s horn-dog gene,  along with his love of back-room insider deals.  This Yale lawyer got booted out of the Navy Reserve (he joined to look honorable) when he failed a piss test on his first weekend drill.  That didn’t stop him from making lucrative deals in […]

At first blush a family too often visited by tragedy and death.  Just leave them alone to grieve….   But then you keep learning more and more….and some of it is downright tawdry! AND for 8 long years Joe Biden – our “National Village Idiot” was just one heartbeat away from being President.  Had anything happened,….much […]