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Remember the Debates of 2016 – when her loathing of Donald Trump came pouring out of your TV screen….?  

$20 Million wasn’t enough to keep her at Fox…..she wanted to be with like-minded people…. I won’t miss her; – I was tired of changing channels at 9 PM.

I’ve been a fan of Newt since I lived in Georgia (before my terrible blunder of moving north).  There are damn few men who think as fast on their feet,  – or have his command of the facts and the English Language. So when Trump-hating / Hillary supporter Megyn Kelly was carelessly flinging inflammatory words […]

She’s becoming the Connie Chung or Dan Rather of 2016…

Suddenly FoxNEWs Anchor Head Megyn Kelly is on CBS?  As a FEATURE STORY? If you’ve come to believe that somehow Fox was ‘different’ from the mainstream outlets – guess again!   Fox is just another entertainment network,  and their ‘reporters’ are just entertainers – NOT journalists.

Against the backdrop of the once vibrant powerhouse of American industrial creativity and manufacturing might, – now decayed, drug and welfare dependent, and corrupt to the core for decades,…comes the truly stark reminder about what is fundamentally different about Democrats and Republicans. It will be an awesome opportunity to inform and educate the viewers,  and […]

Megyn Kelly: $10 Million Bitch?

February 5th, 2016

Sure looks like her attack on Trump was really all self-promotion…

Fox owners Murdoch and Ailes let Megyn Kelly run wild,  – and she proceeded to fully validate Trump’s charge, – that she is unable to moderate a ‘Fair and Balanced’ debate. From her opening attack on “the Elephant not in the room”,…to a series of cherry-picked video snippets leading up to gotcha questions,  Megan – sporting […]

Not satisfied with his record 24 million viewers, Fox News owner Roger Ailes invites another debate-nite donnybrook between Trump and his pet viper Megyn Kelly. This is a deliberate disservice to America’s voters,  – and may prove that Roger has a bigger ego than Trump.

The self-funded non-politician doesn’t need to curry favor or walk the media tightropes, catering to their agenda issues. It has them baffled, befuddled and pissed. Together with the Dems and RiNOs, – they’re out to ‘get him’ – at all costs!