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If you watch anything this week,  watch this 16-minute speech by a real hero.

I’ll be there renaming our largest park after Acton’s only Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Nathaniel Allen.  Allen carried the colors in battle in Gettysburg.  All around him men were falling, but he maintained the order and kept the colors flying high.  His job was simple, but essential.  The men needed to know that they […]

Our oldest and youngest living MoH recipients.

 Medal of Honor Screwup Once again our shameless pResident is using troops as political props. BUT,  speaking without teleprompters, – he cannot remember the live MoH Recipient from the DEAD one.      SFC Jared C. Monti, MoH, Killed June 2006      SSG Sal Giunta, MoH, still with us. There are just so many ways […]

We should all be thankful that men like this served our country. rr

Any doubt that Duh-Val is cut from different cloth than oBummer is hereby removed! Most of you don’t know about Captain Thomas G. Kelley, USN(Ret) MoH.  You didn’t need to because you didn’t need his help.  But many Massachusetts veterans did, and the 71 year old Medal of Honor recipient always came through.  Just like […]