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Translation: “I am just so important!! I get to question a 4-Star General!! I will read a series of prepared statements to McChrystal [who will listen with stony resolve while clenching his toes under the desk] and ask some prepared questions which I don’t fully understand. I won’t understand his answers – but I’ll be seen on C-SPAN.”

Evil Is Upon Us! Hello Americans, I have said for over a year that Obama’s goal goes well beyond simply being our pResident.   Being our first Black pResident means very little to him.   His vision, and his plans go well beyond America.   Undoing us is only a necessary first step. The bi-polar Cold War world I […]

It develops exactly as we’d feared. General Stan McChrystal just inadvertently revealed that he has spoken with the Commander-in-chief exactly once  [1 time / singular]  since he took command in Afghanistan seventy (70) days ago. Just one friggin time?!?  Can you remember way back to last year – when Obama railed that Afghanistan – not […]

Obama’s Afghan Agony

September 25th, 2009

To understand where I’m going with today’s entry Americans,  you’ll have to decide if you believe that Obama is merely a hard-left Socialist intent on replacing Capitalism in America with his vision of new-era socialism, – – or is he something far more sinister, – someone bent on a world remade into Islamic Socialism. We […]

Neglecting Your Duties Barack?

September 22nd, 2009

Mister Obama: It was beyond tacky that you appear on the David Letterman show – where just 103 days ago the presiding lefty clown called Governor Sarah Palin “slutty” and made a vulgar joke about her 14-year old daughter being “knocked up in the 7th inning by Yankee outfielder Alex Rodriguez”.  A presidential appearance this […]