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More Communism From Union Teachers

September 19th, 2021

Growing up – did you have the kind of teachers who wanted you to succeed,  – or the kind worried about their paychecks, benefits, and tenure…? Today the union teachers want a test which shows that a student “improved”;  – but NOT a test which demonstrates they can READ to a minimal required level – […]

Why bother to really educate kids?  Dumb ones will vote reliably Democratic every time. Smart kids are dangerous, – they might understand the issues and vote Republican. Your ‘humble public servants’ on the Deval Patrick appointed Board of Elementary and Secondary Education are ‘recommending’ to Duh-val that Mass Hole ‘opt-out’ of No Child Left Behind. […]

Atlanta? Newark? NYC? Queens? Brooklyn? There is a massive teacher / principal / superintendent cheating scandal breaking in Atlanta. Teachers were systematically changing test answers on standardized tests – to make the schools look better. What’s clear is that ‘Dr. Hall’ has robbed tens of thousands of kids of a better future. Atlanta will bear […]