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Cuts! Cuts! Cuts! Cancellations!

November 11th, 2020

5 routes shortened,  14 routes ‘consolidated’,  25 routes eliminated,  6 rail stations and the ferries closed.   All for a highly survivable Chinese virus?   Or is this Charlie Faker’s own Green New Deal?

Charlie, it’s beginning to look like the Gods have conspired against you.  Or maybe the unions…? But I do remember the days back in 2014 when you PROMISED to fix the trains….and Small Deval didn’t really have a comeback.  Five years later and SO MANY broken promises….

Just ask your Buddy Marty Walsh – good help is hard to find.   In this case a driver hired in March blew through a signal,  – and now he’s ‘on leave’.

Charlie, when do YOU get into the 2020 race?

So busy bashing Trump you forgot to pay attention to your train set?

Remember back in 2014 – when Charlie FAKER promised to “fix the T”,  – pointing out that Small Deval promised but never delivered…?  

Big Friday snowstorm due…will the trains and buses run?

Mother Nature and Local 589 will team up this weekend to either cripple Baker’s governorship, – or show that he’s made a major improvement over Deval Patrick’s miserable performance. Does the MBTA have an effective snow removal program ready? Snowplows?

Governor Charlie Baker has discovered one of the steamier piles of shit left behind after 8 years of Deval Patrick’s union-smooching kleptocracy…. The union running the MBTA has been soaking the system for overtime pay – to the tune of $75 MILLION!!   Carmen’s Local 589 President Jimmy O’Brien is pissed that anybody even mentioned his […]

Obama withdraws the Fat Lady’s nomination, – her gravy train of free lunches has derailed! Seems the Ice Cream Man [who doesn’t even live here] and the Squaw weren’t about to be cheerleaders for her Senate confirmation.   T-riders who remember last winter may feel ~ slightly ~ vindicated…. So,…how bad do you suck – when […]