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City will pay family of 25-year old career criminal $6,400,000; – making him truly worth more dead than alive!  Everybody’s share is $10.30.  And there are STILL the trials of six good cops to pay for. Who makes such decisions?   When do the voters get a say?

Battle of the hyphenated!  Pailin-Sheffer vs Rawlings-Blake!! The Mayor of Murder City was trying to pretend that everything was normal Saturday.   She went to a street festival in the Mondawmin neighborhood – when Lacheisa Pailin-Sheffer ran up and drenched her with water.

A week of rioting,  303 shootings,  155 murders,  – including 3 killed just last night,…and the most inept of America’s big-city mayors has acted!   She’s fired her Black Police Chief Anthony Batts, – and replaced him [on an interim basis] with his white deputy. Now guess who’s gonna be her new whipping boy?